An older more frustrated post

My words are locked

forsaken and complex things 

They’ve dried up and I’m left with

an empty tongue. 

No rivers of life 

no healing of the heart. 

Where are my words?

Buried beneath those ancient stones

that ancient tree. 

I wander willfully 

hoping for a heart. 

An older more frustrated post

It’s been too long

Life has changed drastically over the last 7 months. I have experienced one of the driest times of writing in recent history. I don’t think I have completed more than a sentence of a poem or song since September of 2015. Why?

I feel like my heart has been under renovation these last 7 months. My world and my eyes have changed. I see the world differently. My ears have changed. I hear differently. My heart beats the same as before but it beats on with a purpose and passion. My life has oriented itself to orbit the person of Jesus Christ in ways that I never knew possible. I am not the person I was before. As a result what is on my heart to write differs greatly than what this blog has featured in the past. I’m struggling whether or not to delete it or not.

Either way. I hope this finds you well. We will see what the future holds.

It’s been too long